At RT Advertising, we specialize in exquisite jewelry photography
and produce high quality advertising materials such as magazine
ads, catalogs, postcards, flyers, etc..

Ronnie has been the photographer for the jewelry industry since
1985.  His works have been highly recognized and published in
many magazines and catalogs across the United States and

Highlight of his works includes the Platinum Guild International
(PGI) annual catalogs in the past 12 years, JQ magazines, The
Jewelry Book, and many ads and editorials shown in magazines
such as Town & Country, Vanity Fair, Bridal magazines, JCK
magazine, Professional Jeweler magazine, Modern Jeweler
magazine, JCK and JA show guides, San Francisco magazine, Los
Angeles magazine, Beverly Hills magazine, Guestinformant, 2004
Emmy Award program book, and many others.

Besides photography, our other critical part of the creative and
production service team have also excelled by working on jewelry
products almost exclusively in the past 12+ years.

We sincerely hope we could  serve you and your company with
our expertise in photography, design, printing and good customer
service.  We are confident that it will be a rewarding experience
for you and your company.

Words from Ronnie Tsai, the photographer...